My name is Wening Cintron. I am submitting this letter that will serve as our letter of introduction. The purpose is to commence a formidable and rewarding business relationship for many years to come.
I am a Real Estate, and Financial Sales Professionals. Affiliated, with several major institutions in the Real Estate and Finance industry and I have been a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate, doing business in New York for the past 7 years. I am associated with a network of investors. Never the less, I have created a network of branch offices Online in New York City, the Bronx, and lower Westchester metropolitan areas to assist you to find the right deal... Visit us and see what interest you.

We successfully provide services to our clients in Purchase and Sales. And, when instructed, financing of multiple residential and commercial properties.

As well as, assist in providing our clients in the renting and leasing of their residential, commercial buildings, offices and industrial units. We provide these additional services to assist in securing the success of their investments. As well as, to ensure the continued success of our respective interests and business relationships.

We would like to start our relationship with you by sending over deals, via E-mail or facsimile, of properties that we currently have on the market for sale.
And if it’s agreeable, and in accord with your associates, and or investors, we would like for you to E-mail us your present listings of properties that you may have for sale. As well as any vacancy list of residential apartments and or commercial units you may presently have available for sale.
If you are interested in the acquisition of any other types of real estate investments please contact us and so inform us as witch your interests are.
Furthermore, if you feel it necessary to create your own sites to sell your properties, or if you feel it would be beneficial, I can arrange to meet with you any day during the week... To discuss any concerns you may have, and or the parameters of your investment policies. As well as the exchanging of information and or ideas that may be beneficial to us both see you soon.

Respectfully yours,

CEO Real Estate Investor